Under Sink Tip-Out Trays

In an attempt to help keep my kitchen sink area a bit tidier, I recently purchased some tip-out-trays to make use of the fake drawer fronts under the sink (see below). They can be used to store sponges, brushes, drain stoppers, or other small items.

Without doing much research, I found the Rev-A-Shelf brand trays for sale on Amazon at the link below (Rev-A-Shelf – 6572-14-11-52- 14” Polymer Tip Out Trays).


Instructions were provided with the trays for removing the fake drawer fronts and installing the trays. There isn’t a whole lot to the drawer front removal; mine were just stapled in place. Once removed, you’ll need to trace the opening onto the drawer front from the inside so you can determine where the hinges should be screwed in. I used a clamp to hold them in place while I did this.  Once you have the holes marked, you may want to predrill holes to make the screwing easier. As you can see in the image below and to the left, one screw is not in far enough. This is because there is limited space to get a screwdriver in the necessary position with the sink in the way.  If I had predrilled the hole the screw may have gone in a little easier.  Nevertheless, there is some redundancy so it should be fine. The installation is simply a matter of screwing in a couple of screws, then you’re done!

See below for the completed tray installation.  You can also still see my pencil markings where I traced the opening on the drawer front. The plastic tray is removable for regular cleaning. Pull-out is super easy and the hinges feel really well designed.  Now I just need to paint the inside of the drawer front white so I’m not looking at the unfinished wood.

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